"To inspire a passion for Science and Technology"

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The Kiwibots are doing it again!

This weekend we will be holding our VEX Robotics Nationals.

“To inspire a passion for Science and technology”

Saturday 28th February and 1st March

09:00 to 17:30

At the Vodafone Event Centre



Live stream of the event at http://massey.ac.nz/vex

The VEX Robotics Competition 'VRC' is the biggest and fastest growing robotics competition in the world.

33+ Countries, 10000+ teams.

This New Zealand Nationals are 50% bigger than last year with 76 registered teams and we have two divisions for the first time. A team from China is joining us.

Come and watch the competition that teams have been working on since April 2014 and see which teams will qualify to represent New Zealand at the World Championships in Louisville in April.

See you on Saturday.

New Zealand VEX Robotics

A STEM education revolution for elementary
and middle school students.

The world's premier classroom robotics platform for middle school, high school, and beyond.



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The VEX Robotics Competition 'VRC' is the biggest and fastest growing robotics competition in the world.

33+ Countries, 10000+ teams.

This is the home of the VRC in Australasia. Here you will find information on how to get involved in the exciting world of robotics competitions and when and where to find them.


A VEX competition is an event where robots play against each other in a match of skill. The robots do not damage each other.

A VEX IQ competition sees students work TOGETHER to maximise their score in a match with the robot that gets the highest accumulated score at the end of a competition receiving recognition. Students do not loose matches but still get recognised for their efforts.



Matches are played between red and blue robot alliances that compete against each other to score points. Alliances are randomly formed of two robots.

Qualification matches are played between different alliances in order to rank/qualify the robots based upon their scores.

After the qualification matches the top ranked robots get to choose their alliance partners for the elimination/knock out matches.

At the end of the elimination matches the winning alliance are crowned as Tournament Champions.

VEX IQ............

Matches are played by alliances of two robots that work together to maximise their combined score. The robot that gets the highest accumulated score after several matches with different robots is acknowledged as the champion.

This way junior school students do not loose matches but can still win the event and be rewarded for their efforts.


The aim of the competition is to "inspire a passion for science and technology" by having teams develop, over a period of time, the robots to the best of their ability and then have those robots tested on a "field of dreams".

As with any sport the competition is intense and the teams take it very seriously whilst never loosing sight of the fact that technology is fun.


Please feel free to let us know if you think we should add anything!


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