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Subcategories from this category: General, Tech Tips

Posted by on in General

The fourth Auckland Ladder scrimmage will be held at Whangaparaoa College on Saturday the 2nd of August. This will be another chance for teams competing in the Auckland Ladder!. There will be skills available and all results will be published live to VEX Via and Robot Events (A separate post will be sent out detailing these applications). The scrimmage will be held in the school auditorium which is located on this map. A map for Whangaparaoa College can be found here.

Date: Saturday 2nd August
Venue: Whangaparaoa College Auditorium
09:00– Doors Open
09:15-09:30 – Check In (All teams attending this scrimmage must have checked in!)
10:00 – Matches Begin
12:00 – Lunch Break
12:30 – Matches Resume
14:30 – Qualification Matches Finish (as do skills fields and any involvement with the Ladder for this scrimmage)
14:40 – Alliance Selection Begins
14:45 -  Elimination Matches
17:00– Venue Closes 

All teams who have reserved spots but who have confirmed their spots must do so by Friday 24th July, 11:59 pm. These schools currently include Kristin School, Pinehurst School, St Cuthberts College and Free Range Robotics. 

We look forward to seeing you all there!

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Hi All

I am emailing you to remind you and invite you all to our first ever Bay of Plenty Scrimmage. The Kiwibots will be taking a van or possibly two down so if you are interested in a free ride for two of you and your robot please email c.hamling@vexrobotics to reserve your place. They will leave Auckland early on Sunday morning and return that night.

We plan to have the local media here too to cover the event.

Our vision is to try to get the new region set up and inspire more local schools to join the vex buzz and have more budding bot enthusiasts. We are also running a small vex IQ competition with Otumoetai intermediate ( 4 teams) as Tauranga Intermediate don’t have their teams set up as yet to be able to compete.

Please reply to let us know if you are able to help and in what capacity.

Kind regards

Sarah Parry

Team Manager

Oats Robotics

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Please could those teams that are scheduled to compete at the scrimmage in Whangaparoa on the 2nd of August please email Hayden before Friday the 25th to confirm that you will be there.

Teams that are registered but who need to confirm for the event are

5592 Albany Senior High School Auckland Res
2941a Otumoetai College Tauranga Res
2941b Otumoetai College Tauranga Res
2941c Otumoetai College Tauranga Res
2941d Otumoetai College Tauranga Res
2927a Albany Junior High School Auckland Res
2921b Free Range Robotics Auckland Res
2921 Free Range Robotics Auckland Res
6786a Kaipra College Auckland Res
2919d Kristin School Auckland Res
2919m Kristin School Auckland Res
2919s Kristin School Auckland Res
2919w Kristin School Auckland Res
2919z Kristin School Auckland Res
9386a MPHS Auckland Res
2931e Pinehurst School Auckland Res
2931a Pinehurst School Auckland Res
2931b Pinehurst School Auckland Res
2931c Pinehurst School Auckland Res
2931d Pinehurst School Auckland Res
2901 Rangitoto College Auckland Res
2901b Rangitoto College Auckland Res
2901c Rangitoto College Auckland Res
2901d Rangitoto College Auckland Res
2950a St Cuthbert's College Auckland Res
8560a Westbot Auckland Res
2904 Westlake Girls High School Auckland Res
2904b Westlake Girls High School Auckland Res
2942a Whangaparoa College Auckland Res
2942b Whangaparoa College Auckland Res

Remember that if you do not confirm then you will not be able to compete.


Chris Hamling

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Posted by on in General

Hi All,

I have just ordered heaps of the new VEX parts http://www.vexrobotics.com/vex/products/new to ship via DHL so they should be available to order in about 10 days.

Chris Hamling

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Posted by on in General

Recently asked on VEX Forum


Hi all -

I'm getting ready to start programming autonomous with my students and have a clarification question about pre-loading.

Could my students pre-load their cube by pinning it off the floor between the field wall and their robot? Does that count as a valid pre-load?

As I interpret the preloading rules, pinning a cube against the wall would successfully meet all the requirements of 1) touching the robot 2) not touch any grey foam tiles or Skyrise Base 3) would be fully inside the perimeter.

The idea is that the robots would 'preload' the cube against the wall, drive forward to drop the cube and therefore score 1 point on their colored square in autonomous. From there they can program to score a second cube if possible.

Thanks for any clarification.



Yes, this is legal.

For the full forum post go to http://www.vexforum.com/showthread.php?t=81875

So you have no excuse not to score at least these points in Auto.

Chris Hamling


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A question on the forum by our Rules Master:


Originally Posted by Vex Mundi View Post
Or in simpler language, if you touch any othewise Built skyrise section then both that section and any sections above it are no longer part of the Skyrise, so they aren't worth points and you can't score cubes on them. If you touch the bottom section, then your team can't get any skyrise points at all.

Is this correct?
Posted by Karthic
Yes, this is correct. If a Robot touches a Built Skyrise Section, any Skyrise Sections above the touched Section are not considered Built. Thus no Cubes can be scored on any of those Skyrise Sections.

Some general advice for teams: Don't touch your Skyrise at the end of the match!
Chris Hamling
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Posted by on in General

Hi all VEX U teams.

We have a venue and date for the first friendly VEX U scrimmage.

It will be held at Fisher & Paykel Healthcare in Auckland (Exact location TBA)

This will be the first VEX U scrimmage held in New Zealand. The idea is to let VEX U teams from around New Zealand practice and share ideas in order to improve their chances at the World Champs in 2015.

We would also like VEX U teams to meet with engineers from Fisher & Paykel Healthcare so it will be worth you attending.

The event will kick off at 09:00 and be finished by 13:00.

Please note that this event is only for VEX U team members only.

Book the date.

Chris Hamling

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Posted by on in General

The long wait is almost over. :-)

I understand that the 1000kg order that has been on its way to us for weeks will be delivered to Massey today (the 17th). So if you have Skyrise elements, VexNet 2.0 keys or VEX IQ parts (including bumper switches) on back order your wait is almost over.

Sorry for the long delay. We will be loking for ways to make sea shipments faster.

Chris Hamling

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Posted by on in General

Hi All,

Just to confirm taht due to the large number of teams scheduled to attend every Auckland Scrimmage combined with other issues there will be no wait list for Auckland Scrimmages.


Chris Hamling

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The following teams have not confirmed that they will be at the scrimmage on Saturday the 19th.

  • 5592 - Albany Senior High School
  • 2913a - Rutherford College
  • 2913b - Rutherford College
  • 2913c - Rutherford College

If you are in one of those teams please email me to say that you will be attending as if we have not heard from you by Wednesday the 16th at 5pm we will have to assume that you will not be at the event.

If your team just turns up on the day you will not be able to compete as the event database will have been created.

Regards Chris Hamling

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The third Auckland Ladder scrimmage is coming up quickly and will be held next weekend at Ormiston Senior College. The scrimmage qualification rounds will count towards the Auckland ladder. Teams who have reversed scrimmage spots will need to register to confirm their spots, however due to late notice and school holidays; the deadline has now been extended to Wednesday the 16th of July. This can be done via the following online form (https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1IrJ2N_OEHSq8MXPI-P2VRy4BEGwRJXVNIijRGwQ6hPs/viewform?usp=send_form)

Date: 19th July
Venue: Orimston Senior College
Times: 09:00am - Doors Open; 10:00am - Matches begin; 12:00pm - lunch break; 4:30pm - Elimination matches finish

If there are any problems, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We look forward to seeing you all there!

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Hi All,

Any teams competing in next Saturday's scrimmage at Kristin School who have reversed spots will need to register by this Friday (27th June) if they wish to compete. Otherwise they will be unable to compete at the scrimmage.

Registration can be done from this URL: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1IrJ2N_OEHSq8MXPI-P2VRy4BEGwRJXVNIijRGwQ6hPs/viewform?usp=send_form

The following schools still have not registered and should do so by this Friday:

  • ACG Parnell College
  • Albany Junior High School
  • Cambridge High School
  • Edgewater College
  • Free Range Robotics
  • Katikati College
  • MPHS
  • Onehunga High School
  • Otumoetai College

We don't want to have to turn teams away so please confirm your registration to attend!

Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  if there are any problems or issues with registration

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Posted by on in General

Hi all,

just to let you know that our order for Aluminium 1x2x1x35 c-channel has arrived so all back orders should be available for pickup/posting tomorrow.

Sorry for the delay

Chris Hamling

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The second Auckland Ladder scrimmage will be held at Kristin School on the 5th of July. This will be run as part of the Auckland Ladder and teams with reserved spots will need to confirm their registration by filling out this form. Teams will need to confirm their registration by Friday 27th June, 11:59 pm in order to be able to participate. Teams who turn up on the day who have not confirmed their spot will not be able to attend.

Date: 5th July 2014 (Next Saturday)
Venue: Kristin School
Times: 09:00 - Doors Open, 09:30 - Registration Closes, 10:00 - Matches begin, 15:00 - Qualification Matches Finish, 17:00 - Venue closes

The scrimmage will be held in the Science & Technology building, a map of the location can be found here. Team list and results from the event will be available on RobotEvents under this event

Results for the scrimmages and overall ladder rankings for the Auckland season can be found at the following URL (http://kiwibots.nallen.me/regions/view/Auckland), these will be automatically updated after every scrimmage to reflect accurate rankings around the season. Thank you to Nathan Allen of AURA for creating this site!

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Posted by on in General

Hi All,

We will be holding the first of many VEX-U scrimmages during the last week of November/first week of December in Auckland. The aim of this event is to give VEX U teams a chance to compete, practice, share ideas and socialise. In addition you will have the chance to meet with our sponsors and discuss your aspirations with them.

This event is not open to High School students or teams.

Tentative Schedule (weekday)

  • 08:30 teams arrive and setup
  • 09:30 teams meet sponsors
  • 10:00 Comp starts
  • 12:30 lunch
  • 13:30 lunch finish
  • Tour of venue

We will either hold the event at Fisher & Paykel Healthcare of SMC Pneumatics.

Please let me know which of the following dates best suits your VEX-U team and if you would like to attend.

  • 27th Nov
  • 28th Nov
  • 1st Dec
  • 2nd Dec


Chris Hamling

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Hi All,

Inaugural Oceania challenge in Canberra.

I wanted to make sure that I started getting information out to all of you about an event that will take place at Dixon College in Canberra this August 22nd thru 24th. You are all invited to join us!

We want to develop a friendly rivalry between the Australian and New Zealand teams.  This year the Kiwibots teams are looking to go and play Skyrise with the Australian teams.  We are also going to host some workshops for the students and teachers to help get them up to speed for the Skyrise season.  

We are looking to develop an event where you can play against each other earning a coveted perpetual trophy that can travel back and forth to both nations. One possible idea is to hold the new Zealand Nationals and the Australian Nationals at the same time at the same venue. Each National event would be held as a separate event and the winners will qualify, as usual for the World Championships. The winners of the Nationals would then go on to compete for the Oceania Championship title. This is only star gazing at the moment but think how much fun a 300+ team event could be!






  • 22nd August - Travel to OZ and set up
  • 23rd August - Competition and workshops
  • 24th August - Competition and Travel back to NZ




The flights that we have booked some seats on are:-


Friday 22nd August

            Depart Auckland at 08:10 on Qantas QF142

            Arrive Canberra on Qantas QF1419 at 12:20 via Sydney


Sunday 24th August

            Depart Canberra at 16:15 on Qantas QF1486

            Arrive Auckland on Qantas QF149 at 23:50 via Sydney


We will stay in accommodation close to the school.

If you are interested in joining us for this inaugural event please email me ASAP.


Chris Hamling

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Posted by on in General

Hi All,

CADPRO Systems are happy to announce that they are going to be running a 3 day Inventor training course in Auckland on the 14th – 16th July for tutors (not students) and the course will be free! It will be a great time for tutors to get together and discuss the use of CAD software both for the Vex competition and also its use in the curriculum.

To reserve your place and if you have any further questions do not hesitate to contact me.

Best regards

Paul Mokler-Tibbs

ATC Training Manager

CADPRO Systems Ltd                                     

Phone: +64 9 302 4028                                    

Mobile: +64 274 475 508

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Auckland  -  Level 1, 527b Rosebank Road, Avondale

Christchurch  - Unit 3, 162 Kendal Avenue, Russley

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Posted by on in General


A VEXnet Joystick was left behind at the Auckland scrimmage last weekend. If this is your joystick please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  to arrange for it to be returned


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Posted by on in General

Hi all,

A downloadable VEX catalog is available here http://www.kiwibots.co.nz/starthere/catalog.pdf for those who wish to print out what the Kiwibots have in their store.

If you see it on the VEX USA store and it is not in our catalog please let me know and I can get it in for you.


Chris Hamling

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Hi everyone,

In my last blog post I said that the 18”x18”x18” size limit would be enforced at all Auckland scrimmages.

We have decided to change this requirement for the first few scrimmages. I apologise to those teams who were inconvenienced by the incorrect announcement yesterday.

We realise that the best way to build robots that make optimal use of the whole size limit is to build with some protruding corners, then file those corners off once the design is finalised. We expect the robots used at the earlier scrimmages to be works in progress, so in order to save teams money we want to make it easier for them to keep their metal pieces intact as they rapidly cycle through different robot designs. We anticipate that this enforcement policy will allow teams to build similarly to how they did in previous seasons.

To make sure that the competition is still fair for teams who do build within the size limits, any part of a robot that protrudes outside the 18” limit will have to meet the following conditions:
- It must not be a functional component. That is, it must be able to be removed without affecting the robot’s ability to function in a match.
- It should not protrude from any side of the robot by more than 1”.

Inspectors will use their discretion when judging whether a robot that is outside the 18” limit is allowed to compete. The intent of this rule is to not penalise teams who are still in the design process and have small (non functional) parts outside the size limit, while still ensuring that no team can gain an unfair advantage by building outside size.

The following image shows an example of what will be allowed:

Sizing Dimensions

This rule is temporary, and we will switch to using the 18” size limit later in the season. We will keep you updated about this so that you can be sure you are bringing a legal robot to each scrimmage.

Teams who want to compete in skills challenges will have to pass the full size inspection. Nationals qualifications based on skills will only go to teams who did not qualify through the ladder, so if your team wants to go to Nationals and you aren’t sure whether you will qualify through the ladder or not it would be a good idea to do skills.

Oliver Wilson
Head Referee

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